Mural Project
(Nov 2019-Jan 2021)

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Consultation Sessions

In late 2019 and early 2020, a local artist worked with some of our groups in consultation sessions, to gather ideas for a new mural design. We talked about our ideas, representing the local area and things we liked about other murals.

We put our ideas and designs onto paper and even turned some of our ideas into large scale drawings on the floor.

The Design Process

Our artist took away these ideas and turned them into series of potential designs.  The designs reflected the range of ideas from our consultation sessions and brought them together in a selection of colourful images.

Community Voting

In early 2021, the designs were put to the local community and centre users to vote on their favourite design.

We received 83 votes from local people and the final design was selected by a winning majority.

The next stage is to find funding to help us realise this project by painting the design onto the side of the community centre building.

Mural Design Poll-Park Farm Community Centre