Peter & Sue Honored by the Mayor!

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We are thrilled to extend our heartfelt congratulations to Peter and Sue Bold for their exceptional dedication and unwavering commitment to the children and young people of Moss Bank. We proudly celebrate their remarkable journey being acknowledged by none other than our esteemed Mayor, Councillor Lynn Clarke.

Peter and Sue Bold have devoted their lifetimes to serving the Moss Bank community, particularly the children and youth, and it is truly heartwarming to see their tireless efforts being recognized in such a special way.

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Their visionary leadership has been the driving force behind the establishment and growth of Park Farm Community Centre. Alongside other remarkable individuals like Tony Gosling, they harnessed the power of successful funding applications to lay the foundation and nurture the growth of this invaluable community hub.

One noteworthy example of their dedication is Peter’s and Phil’s (another skilled community member) commitment to renovating the centre. They spent countless Saturdays meticulously restoring the building, even going so far as to construct a ramp to ensure accessibility for people with disabilities. The memory of Peter working on the Centre’s roof during freezing Christmas weather speaks volumes about their determination.

Listening to Sue’s enchanting stories of transporting children back in time to the Victorian era and hearing Peter’s tales of empowering young minds through visits to the Houses of Parliament for a deeper understanding of democracy is truly inspiring. Their support in guiding a group of children to create a winning presentation, which secured substantial funding pivotal to the center’s development, is a testament to their impactful contributions.

Let us not forget the collective effort with their neighbour Phil and other individuals in breathing new life into the Park Farm building, reviving it as a vibrant community space.

Peter and Sue Bold, your unwavering commitment has left an indelible mark on the lives of countless local children and residents. The legacy you are creating is a beacon of hope and positivity that radiates far beyond the bounds of our community.

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