About Us

Park Farm ACYP Community Centre is an inclusive multi-purpose community organisation,
aiming to improve the quality of life for the people of Carr Mill, Clinkham Wood and Moss Bank


Craig Fryer

Centre Coordinator
Craig Fryer My involvement in community work began when I finished my A-Levels at college. I signed up as a volunteer at a local community centre and loved the good work that the charity was doing to improve the lives of people. That was ten years ago! I joined Park Farm Community Centre in November 2018 to deliver an exciting new Big Lottery Project and help this wonderful charity to explore new avenues and projects. In my spare time I enjoy a good true-crime Netflix documentary, going for walks with my high-maintenance pooch and dabbling with graphic design.

Hannah Bold

Centre Support Worker
Having worked as a community artist since 2007 I’ve been involved at the centre on and off over many years, leading arts workshops with various groups. Here in the office, you’ll find me answering the phone and dealing with enquiries, helping set-up rooms for groups and spreading the word about our activities through social media.

Ignacio “Nacho” Sansalvador

Nacho keeps the building in good working order. At least he tries not to destroy it! Cleaning, painting, fixing and getting rooms ready for groups. In his spare time he likes Salsa dancing and watching the mighty Real Madrid.

Lorraine Brunt

I've worked at Park Farm now for over 10 years keeping the place clean n tidy. You’ll often catch me singing n dancing down the corridors while working. I'm also a Director there too. When not in work you’ll usually find me in the Garden. I also love Rugby... COYS , & Socialising with friends.. whenever I can.