Coronavirus & Beyond: What you told us!

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Coronavirus & Beyond: What you told us!

What changed for the residents of Carr Mill, Clinkham Wood & Moss Bank?

Towards the end of 2020, following the coronavirus pandemic, we put a call out to our community to tell us how their lives had changed and been impacted by such an unforeseen challenge to our wider health and wellbeing, as individuals and as a society.

We knew that the landscape of people’s lives had changed in significant ways, and we wanted to understand how so we would be better prepared to offer what was needed when we could reopen.

We started with an online and paper-based survey. This focused on several themes, which we seek to address in our charitable work, i.e., people’s physical health, emotional wellbeing, life circumstances, sense of community safety, community spirit, levels engagement and what barriers there are, and asked people what they wanted from us.

From the responses, we collated the key findings which we now want to share with you!

Survey Community Questions - Park Farm Community Centre

How had our community activities helped our beneficiaries?

We asked participants and partners how attending community-based activities at the Centre had helped them this year. We wanted to know and evaluate whether we were making a difference, and find out what was most important to people. Here is a selection of some of the comments we received:

Survey Community Questions - Park Farm Community Centre

What are the next steps and needs in our community?

We then asked participants, given what challenges they had reported, what they needed from their local community organisation(s). Here are the results.   

survey - Park Farm Community Centre

We will now integrate this information into our next Business Planning meeting in May 2021 and will use this as a guide to developing a schedule of activities and projects which we can offer to those most in need of them in our community.

We were delighted to see that most respondents felt that they thought community spirit here was strong, and that most liked living here as these qualities are essential in the work that Park Farm Community Centre does and aims to develop for many years to come.

We will also share these findings with our partners at local schools, our councillors, housing associations, and the many services that work with and in the estate all year round.

If you have any suggestions, stories or feedback to give to help us build a better picture of your life living here, please get in touch… we would love to talk with you.